There Are No Rules

This summer has been fun, busy, and a little crazy. We sold our house, moved across town, traveled to see family and friends, and are just now (finally!) trying to get settled into our little rental. 

Recently, I've gone back and forth on keeping this blog strictly about my work or sharing some personal posts as well. Up till now I had only blogged about photo shoots and "behind the scenes" stuff, and since I had taken time away from work over the summer (with all the craziness), blogging definitely went on the back burner. 
I asked for friends opinions, and even googled what the "right" thing to do was. what's better for my business? or my time? should I have separate blogs? does it even matter? blah blah blah... and even though my friends loved the idea of combining the two, I still felt just as lost with all the research as I did before hand (Google can do that sometimes).

but then I realized...


It's funny that the idea of what something is supposed to be can limit our thinking. We put someone else's standards on ourselves, all for an idea we weren't actually sure about to begin with. 

So, I'm going with gut over google and decided that along with sharing my work, I'll also be sharing more personal thoughts and experiences about photography, business, inspiration, and home life. My goal with this is to be more open and honest and helpful. 

Stay tuned! And also, stay true to yourself. (too cheesy?? MmmK.) 

UPDATE: I've moved the journal over HERE!

           (one of the last photos taken in our house before it sold)