What Makes An Image "Frame Worthy"?

When it comes to photographs (or anything really) it's not about perfection. 

This image is blurry and grainy and you can't see their faces. It was snapped as my daughter was running and laughing with her Aunt on a sunset walk back to the car. We had just finished up a family dinner by the ocean on our first night in Marco. The mood was happy and relaxed, and it was a moment I wanted to remember. 

I often get asked by clients on what makes an image "frame worthy".... and to be honest the first few times I wasn't so sure on my answer. Is it when everyone is looking at the camera? Nope. Is it when the lighting is oh-so-perfect? Not necessarily.

So what makes an image "frame worthy"? Emotion. 
How you feel when you look at it.

And when selecting a photograph for a room, think of how you want the room to feel. Do you want it to feel happy, calm, romantic, or moody? I believe what we surround ourselves with, affects us. Whether that's for the good or bad. People, objects, art, these all contribute to how we will feel in a space. 

This photo sparks a sense of happiness and mystery. And I love that.

Might be blowing this one up soon. 

© Alexandria Whitefeather