Modern Interiors | something new / by Alexandria Whitefeather

Growing up I always had a love for design. Almost every year for my birthday I'd ask to "re-decorate" my room. I'd pull out my folders of magazine cutouts, and make an inspiration "board".. you know, like the designers would do on tv (insert crying/laughing emoji). Anyone else with me?? Even though I was really into photography, I almost went to school for interior design! So crazy to think about now. In the end my camera won that battle. As much as I loved design, I knew I wanted light to be my art medium and my job. 

Up till recently I really only photographed people. And when the iPhone came along, food. (um, hello! iPhone photography!;) Shooting interiors was something I never thought about until I realized it marries two things. My love for interior design, and my first love, LIGHT. It was a win win really.

So I started a new project, and wanted to share a few images with you. 



Interior Design // Staging by Modern Manor