5 Generations / by Alexandria Whitefeather

So, I still haven't taken Milas 2 year old pictures. My goal is to photograph her before the end of the month (fingers crossed). Hey, as long as I capture her while she's still technically 24 months it counts, right? The truth is, life is busy sometimes, and other times... it's not exactly the best time of day (like say, 10pm). 

Right around Mila's birthday I started going through pictures and videos. I opened up all of my "Mila" folders and reminisced (and maybe shed a few happy tears). I did this around her first birthday as well.... I suppose I'll just go ahead and accept the fact that I'll probably do it every year for the rest of my life.

When I came across these photographs, I looked at them a little longer than the rest. Mila had just turned 4 months and the lovely lady holding her is her great-great grandmother (we call her Omi) and I felt beyond lucky to have had the honor of capturing the two of them together. 

I also made my mom get in a frame. I thought having one of her with her grandmother and her granddaughter would be pretty cool:)

I'm thankful to my husband for having me jump in as well, and for taking this picture (below). At the time I remember thinking "eww, I look gross. My hair is still wet from my shower... and I still need to lose like 10 more pounds of baby weight... blah blah blah".  

Now seeing this, I realize how unimportant all of those thoughts were. One day when Mila is older she'll be able to have a photo of her, her mother, her grandmother, and her great-great grandmother. And that is amazing. My Omi (my mothers mom) passed away, but I know she was with us there in spirit. 

If you can take one thing away from this mushy post, take this...
If you have the privilege of being able to take a photo with a loved one, do it. Always do it. No one cares what your hair looks like, or that you're not wearing any make-up, or that you feel chubby. They care about capturing a memory with you, and having that memory to look back on forever. 


In loving memory of my Omi, Ellen. (pregnant with my Aunt and holding my mom as a baby)

My omi and mother

side note: I wore those earrings on my wedding day to have a piece of her with me. She is so loved and truly missed.

Take some time to squeeze your loved ones this weekend!
(Maybe even try to get a picture with them too! ;)