One Year Old Portraits | Mila Sky / by Alexandria Whitefeather

I finally took some photos of my daughter in honor of her turning a year. It's funny that since I'm a photographer people automatically assume that I'm on top of these things, but the fact is.. I'm so not. Don't get me wrong I THOUGHT about one year old pictures... "what will she wear?", "where should I take them??", but then I realized... I just wanted her. Not a cool background, or a cute bow. Just her. And then I forgot about it all together. Can I blame "mom brain"?

I soon remembered again, and decided last minute (like, hey the babe is in the tub, why don't you just make these her "one year old pics" last minute) that I'd finally snap a few photos, because I knew I would regret it later, and because, well, THAT FACE. They change SO fast, and I wanted to capture my baby in all of her 12 month glory.

In the buff.

So here she is. My naked little sunshine girl.  

Wishing you all a beautiful and carefree weekend!